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A message from our founder.

As a founder, I was disheartened by my initial encounter with the financial services industry. While it aimed to make lives more convenient, accessing the proficiency of top financial advisors proved to be anything but easy. During my time as an intern at a financial planning firm, I witnessed firsthand the barriers that prevented individuals from benefiting from much-needed guidance. Countless people felt lost and uncertain about where to begin, regardless of their assets. The traditional process of meeting with advisors was riddled with issues, causing clients to feel nervous, intimidated, or unsure if their situation warranted the attention of an advisor. These experiences made it clear that change was urgently needed. Motivated by these flaws, I embarked on a mission to create a company that addressed the shortcomings I observed in the traditional system. While personal finance is undoubtedly a serious matter, I was determined to remove the intimidation factor. That's why we chose the friendly name "Money Pickle." Our approach goes beyond just a welcoming name; we prioritize convenience for both financial advisors and those seeking their guidance. By breaking industry norms, we have made speaking with a top financial advisor accessible, affordable, and hassle-free. Money Pickle exclusively collaborates with top-quality financial advisors who are comfortable providing individuals with valuable advice through our 1-on-1 video conferences, all funded by the advisor. For them, it's an opportunity to introduce new clients to their firm and provide essential financial guidance. While there is no obligation, deciding to work with a top advisor could be the decision that sets you and your family on the path towards financial success. I am immensely proud of the company we have built. Our mission is to guide more individuals towards professional advisors, ultimately fostering financial freedom and confidence for them and their families. Together, we strive to make financial advisory services approachable and beneficial for everyone.


Brenton Thurman, Founder