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Our Mission

We built Money Pickle to help bring accessible, affordable, and convenient financial coaching to everyone.

Founded on the belief that personalized financial education should be available anytime and anywhere to those who need it.

Why now?

Finding personalized financial advice and a trusted advisor should be simple, convenient, and flexible. That's why Money Pickle was created. We use modern technology to match individuals with trusted advisors, providing assistance whenever they need it, right from their own device. With Money Pickle, getting answers to your most important financial, investing, and retirement questions has never been easier. Improve your financial life with us.

Our story

Founded in 2021 by a group of college friends, Money Pickle addresses the historical inequities within the financial services industry. As young professionals ourselves, we observed the limited availability of personalized financial education. We believe that accessing financial expertise should be efficient, convenient, and affordable. Money Pickle revolutionizes the delivery of financial knowledge, offering accessibility without the need for traditional, formal settings.


Passionate team members


Industry experience


MSU Alumni


Like the taste of pickles

The leadership team.

We're a passionate and motivated family of professionals, focused on the mission of helping everyone live a better and happier everyday life by making financial education more accessible.

Brenton Thurman

Co-Founder & CEO

Nick Young

Co-Founder & CXO

Colin Hendrickson

Co-Founder & CTO

Cameron Miller

Chief Revenue Officer

Steve Coughran

Chief Financial Officer

John Johnson

Investment Advisory Representative

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If you share a passion for helping people with financial education, join us! We are always looking to grow our team with people who want to help create a better world by spreading financial literacy.