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Matching with an advisor is now a seamless and convenient process, allowing you to explore the capabilities of a professional from the comfort of your home. 

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Forget phone tag, schedule conflicts, and unnecessary travel to meet with a financial advisor. With Money Pickle, connecting with a trusted advisor is just a few clicks away. Schedule a time that fits your convenience, and we'll send you the video meeting link to join.

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Connect with a trusted advisor who meets our high standards for knowledge and reliability. Our vetting process ensures unbiased advice in investing, retirement planning, and financial strategies. 

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We're committed to matching you with a third-party advisor that aligns with your unique financial goals. The advisors cover the cost of the call, provide their professional second opinion, and may offer their extended services for your benefit. 


Who are Money Pickle's third-party advisors?

We've narrowed down the large pool of advisors so that you can meet with someone who has:

  • A clean industry history with their current and past clients
  • A Series 65 and/or Series 66 registration to ensure they are well-equipped with knowledge and ethical standards
  • 5 years minimum of experience as a financial advisor

Discover the benefits of working with a trusted financial advisor.


Professional advice is awaiting those:

Navigating significant life events

Working to grow their wealth 

Seeking  retirement planning

Dealing with financial uncertainty

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Trained, licensed, and vetted professionals you can trust.

To work with Money Pickle, our trusted advisors must meet the following criteria:


Be a CFP, Fee-Only Fiduciary, or Hybrid Financial Advisor, ensuring comprehensive and unbiased advice.


Have 5+ years of experience, demonstrating a deep understanding of market dynamics and financial planning techniques.


Maintain a clean standing on BrokerCheck, ensuring trust and transparency.


Agree to our code of conduct, which upholds the highest ethical standards, fostering trust and strong advisor-client relationships.

Our trusted advisors can assist you in navigating your most pressing financial needs.

Retirement Planning
Investment Strategies
Tax Planning
Wealth Preservation
Insurance Coverage
Social Security
Estate Planning
Risk Management

We connect individuals with vetted, third-party financial advisors based on your needs.

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Connect with a thoroughly vetted third-party financial advisor who upholds our rigorous standards of providing unbiased and professional advice.

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Schedule a convenient time to connect with our trusted advisors over video. Experience the flexibility of connecting from anywhere, at any time.

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Boost your confidence and alleviate stress by gaining professional guidance on your most pressing financial questions.

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Get knowledgeable help for free without any upfront costs, thanks to our advisors who cover the expense.


We create raving fans. Here's what they're saying.

Tom R.

"I can't believe how easy it was to set up a call and connect with a finance professional through Money Pickle. I needed help with my retirement planning, and within minutes, I was speaking with an advisor who provided valuable insights and guidance. Thanks to Money Pickle, I feel confident about my financial future."

Margie W.

"The process of connecting with a trusted financial advisor through Money Pickle was simple and safe. What impressed me the most was that there was no sales pitch; instead, I received genuine, helpful advice. The advisor helped me create a strategy to reduce my debt and start investing in a 401K. Thanks to Money Pickle, I'm on a path towards financial security."

Reggie T.

"I've been searching for a knowledgeable advisor to help with my investments and retirement plan, and I found exactly what I was looking for through Money Pickle. The advisor assigned to me had a deep understanding of the market and provided personalized advice. With their support, I've been able to build wealth and work towards achieving my financial goals. Money Pickle has been a game-changer for me."

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