About Us

Founded in 2021 by Michigan State University alumni in an effort to make financial coaching accessible, affordable, and convenient. 



We built Money Pickle to help bring accessible, affordable, and convenient financial coaching to everyone. Founded on the belief that financial literacy should be available anytime and anywhere to those who need it. 

Why now?

There isn’t a better time to speak with a financial advisor than now. With subjects like dollar-cost averaging and compound interest, it’s important to take advantage as soon as you can so you can benefit years from now. Use money pickle today so you can feel more confident tomorrow.

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Why us?

Speaking with a financial professional should be quick, easy, and painless. Money Pickle replaces the current way of receiving financial knowledge in a much more affordable way, and not in some stuffy office.

Our Team

We're a passionate and motivated family of professionals, focused on the mission of helping everyone live a better and happier everyday life by making financial education more accessible.

Join us!

If you love people and like challenges, join us! We are always looking for people who want to help create a better world by spreading financial literacy.